Hi Everyone! My name is Jenny, and I'm very passionate about eating more veggies, and making home cooked meals without processed ingredients. 

I was previously vegan for nearly three years which is where I found my passion for plant based recipes. I was unable to stick with the more restrictive vegan lifestyle, and have since added meat, dairy, and eggs back into my diet, and my recipes. My focus when I cook is still high amounts of vegetables, and plant based ingredients, infused with high quality animal products.

I'll also continue to create many vegan, raw vegan, and gluten free recipes for this site because I still greatly enjoy cooking vegan.

I believe eating a few vegans meals a week is the most realistic approach to this lifestyle. Just start with a smoothie or salad everyday. Eating more plant based will help your health, the animals, and the environment. 

Hope you enjoy the recipes, and other health content on this site. 

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