I went vegan in November of 2018. 

I had been overweight and depressed for years, but I didn't even realize it. Sort of like sleep walking through your own life, not being mindful of how I was spending my time, and treating my body. I was consuming processed foods like dorritos, frozen meals, string cheese, chicken nuggets, and wine on a daily basis while watching tons of Netflix. 

After only a few weeks of cleaning up my diet & eating more fruits and veggies, my body naturally slimmed down, but more importantly I felt happier, and more energized than I had in years! Walking outside a lot everyday was another big part of my healing. Walking outside, and sticking to eating fresh fruits & veggies were the main two things I did to feel happier.  

I decided to share my life and recipes online to reach more people because I wish someone had explained to me years ago that eating certain foods and too much screen time would cause me to develop depression or addictions to processed foods, and overall just make my quality of life really shitty.

I feel like people tell us to eat healthy for weight loss, but no one really explains the mental health connection with our diet. 

I want more people to know they could feel a lot happier right now if they consumed some fresh high quality produce, and that they don't have to feel sad or anxious anymore, your story isn't over yet ❤;


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