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Plant based Pizza 🍃🍕 #vegan #healthy #guilt-free

Pizza is a fun way to get your family to eat more veggies. Of all my vegan family dinner experiments, pizza was by far the biggest hit. I finally know how to get my family to eat veggies...put them on pizza!😃😃😃

Some Basic Tips

I like to top my pizza with cooked and raw veggies to really make this pizza like a salad. Sprouts, arugula, tomato, cucumber, and avocado are all healthy raw toppings to add after baking.

Go minimal on the vegan cheese. Vegan cheese is still high in fat like dairy so try to use just a little to get a nice creaminess. You can also totally skip the vegan cheese and just use nutritional yeast and marinara sauce if you want to go hard core healthy on your pizza-- Another example that pizza can be extremely healthy, it just depends on what toppings you use. You could literally top it with an entire head of broccoli and zero vegan cheese if you wanted to. I may actually try that next week... Anyways here's the recipe:


Trader Joes pizza dough already made

Daiya vegan cheese mozzarella shredded

organic marinara sauce

1 jalapeno diced, seeds removed

half a pineapple cut up

1 bell pepper cut up

1-2 cups of spinach

1 can of olives

1 tomato diced up

1/2 cup of flour to handle your pizza dough

Rectangle or round baking pan

Optional toppings to add after baking: raw sprouts, cucumber, cherry tomato


Follow trader joes pizza dough instructions. It asks you to let the dough sit out at room temperature for 30 mins. Meanwhile preheat your oven to 475.

Most of the "work" for this recipe is chopping up all your veggies, and the pineapple 🍍.

After 30 mins begin working on your pizza dough. Use flour to handle it.

Oil your pizza pan. I didn't have a pizza pan so I had to split my dough into two mini round pizzas to fit on my rectangle pan. You could also just make one large rectangle pizza. No need to buy a pizza pan.

Optional spread olive oil on dough crust area for browning. First layer with marinara sauce. Then light layer of vegan cheese. Then a layer of spinach. After that you can do all the other toppings in any order. I like to end with another light sprinkle of vegan cheese-- more just for looks.

How long to bake it? Trader joes instructions say 10 mins at 475, this makes for a very soft pizza. If you want it more crisp I recommend 15-20mins, look for that golden brown color if you want it crispy.

I hope you all enjoy this recipe. I made it two nights in a row this week I loved it so much. Comment down below if you try it!

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