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Sweet Salad for weight loss & why I think bottled dressings aren’t that bad

My friend showed me how to make this salad recipe 2 weeks ago and I was instantly obsessed and knew I had to blog it. I've made it 3 times so far. It’s definitely one of those salads you could eat everyday, which is why it would help someone lose weight, or eat more salads... whatever your goal might be. But since this recipe uses a bottled salad dressing (gasp) I wanted to touch on bottled salad dressings a bit.

Usually articles advise to avoid bottled salad dressings when you are trying to lose weight or be healthy because they can be so high in calories and can contain a lot of unhealthy preservatives. Just the other day I read someone post that a salad dressing can destroy the point of eating the salad. I can sort of see their point if you are putting a cup of ranch dressing on a salad. However I disagree with this extreme mentality of only making your own dressing and using bottled dressing will ruin your salad.

I think it is very unrealistic to always make your own dressing or to not use bottled dressing at all. Well maybe not now because right now everyone is stuck at home due to COVID-19 so now we all have plenty of time to cook our own meals. But normally ain't nobody got time to make their own dressing unless its like super basic oil and vinegar which isn't what I mean. I mean like a really good creamy dressing that makes the salad taste like a full meal and not an appetizer.

The Brianna's Poppy Seed dressing this recipe uses is delicious and vegan, but I will admit it isn’t the healthiest product. It has a high amount of sugar and fat and some unhealthy ingredients. But 1-2TBS of this dressing isn’t going to drastically ruin your weight loss efforts or make the raw vegetables you are consuming not count or something. Remember you are still eating salad which is a really good choice. Don't trip about the dressing.

Honestly whatever dressing helps you eat more raw vegetables, don't feel guilty about it! If you know the dressing is unhealthy just don't go wild with it.


2 cups of broccoli slaw

3 cups of spinach

2 tablespoons of Brianna's Poppy Seed dressing, or another vegan poppyseed/sweet dressing

half of a can of peaches drained and cut up

1/4 cup of roasted pecans

1-2 tablespoons of hemp seeds

1 large salad bowl

First add/mix your spinach and broccoli slaw in a large salad bowl.

Add 1 tbsp of poppy seed dressing and mix well.

Then add your layer of peaches

Top with pecans and hemp seeds

Use 1 tbsp of dressing as a final drizzle on top of the salad

Add another tablespoon of dressing if you think you need more but I think starting with two is always the safest approach so the spinach doesn’t get soggy.

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