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Vegan Summer Rolls with Easy Peanut Sauce

This is the perfect high raw meal for someone that doesn't like salads very much. Aka ME! =)


for the summer rolls:

4-6 sheets of rice paper wrapper

1 head of butter lettuce

1 medium cucumber cut into thin strips

1 medium bell pepper cut into thin strips

2 cups of shredded carrots

2 cups of any sprouts

a handful of fresh mint (optional)

a handful of fresh cilantro

10-12 pieces of green onion

1 large avocado

sliced mango (optional)

for the easy peanut sauce:

2 tablespoons liquid aminos or nama shoyu (can sub soy sauce)

4 tablespoons peanut butter

1/3 cup of water

2-4 tablespoons maple syrup, or coconut sugar

a big squeeze of lime juice (optional)

Pinch of red pepper flakes (optional)


1. Get a large plate and fill it with warm water. Dip the rice wrap in the warm water until it feels soft enough to begin rolling, but careful it doesn't get too moist!

2. place moist rice wrap on another plate or cutting board and fill with your raw veggies, careful to not overfill. After filling with veggies start rolling from the back, roll once then tuck in each side and continue rolling like a burrito.

3. Cut roll in half and place on plate with each half not touching. The rice paper can be very sticky so be careful to separate each roll piece on your serving dish. Pieces of lettuce can used to separate rolls and prevent sticking.

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