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20min Dinner: Steamed quinoa with roasted veggies🥦

The trick to finish this all in 20 mins is to roast the veggies the same time you start steaming your quinoa so they both finish at the same time. Both should take 20mins to cook.

Your first steps should be:

*Preheat your oven to 420

*Rinse and drain your quinoa

*Rinse and chop veggies

*Important to go in this order so the quinoa and veggies are both prepped at the same time to begin cooking at the same time.


I like to cook my quinoa in a little marinara sauce because I think it add a nice flavor without adding a lot of oil.

1 cup of quinoa

4 tablespoons of marinara sauce

1.5 cup of water

1. First rinse and drain your quinoa with water.

2. Then add the marinara sauce to your rinsed quinoa and let simmer for a few mins. Then add your water, bring to a boil. Turn to low, cover and steam for 20mins.

Roasted Veggies

1 head of broccoli

1 sweet potato

1 carrot

2 tablespoons pf oil

1. Preheat oven to 420

2. Mix chopped veggies with oil, salt and pepper.

3. Place veggies on baking sheet(s) and bake for 20mins at 420.

Toppings **Optional**

1 tablespoon of Trader joes spicy peanut sauce

1 tablespoon of liquid aminos or soy sauce


purple cabbage shredded

For toppings add anything you like. Dried fruit, nuts, avocado, mango. Anything to add more flavor.

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