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5 ingredient Potato Lettuce Tacos & Why I Eat So Simply

This recipe is simple, but is still very satisfying from the roasted potatoes. I also love that these lettuce tacos aren't spicy or very rich, so they are very gentle on the stomach.


1 potato

1 cup cherry or grape tomatoes 

1 head Romaine lettuce leaves 

1 lime



Slice potato into thin strips, drizzle with cooking oil, salt and pepper ,and bake at 420 degrees for 20 minuets, or until potatoes are fully cooked. Careful to not over cook them, they don't taste good crispy like fries for this recipe. They pair better with the raw veggies when they are a more soft texture.  

Wash and prep your raw veggies, and assemble the tacos. The hot sauce for this recipe is a squeeze of fresh lime. 

Why I Eat So Simply

Lately I have been eating more simple plain meals. I obviously love complex meals as well like curries, and other raw vegan recipes that require a lot more ingredients. But I recently have noticed some benefits to eating more simply that I thought I would share. 

1. Less time spent preparing food. Raw vegan gourmet cooking is still a huge passion of mine (it's the future!), but that is separate sometimes from what my daily diet looks like trying to lose weight, work full time, and brainstorm veggiejenny content. Sometimes I'm cooking something specific for this blog that might be more complex. But other times I'm just trying to eat something healthy, and be a good vegan role model for my followers when I only have 10 mins to spare.  

2. Encourages creativity by working with simple ingredients you typically have in the kitchen. Learning to not always need that ONE ingredient from the store which leads to...

3. Saves money. Less ingredients = less money spent. And simple ingredients like rice and potatoes tend to be very cheap.

4. Helps me eat more mindfully. When I eat more complex rich meals, whether it is a raw vegan  chocolate, a coconut curry, or an impossible burger---the food tastes so delicious to me that I lose intuition with my hunger levels. When things are less rich and flavorful it helps me pay more attention to my actual hunger, and not confuse it with mental cravings stimulated from my taste buds which leads me to...

5. Reduced cravings for processed foods, and vegan junk foods. When I was eating more vegan processed foods I was constantly having these intense cravings for very specific foods and flavors. Like I would HAVE to have veggie grill vegan nachos that day, or I would NEED my panda express tofu eggplant. We often make jokes about food cravings, and stress eating--but I've been slowly realizing that while this might be "normal" in our culture, it isn't healthy. I think the body begins to crave whatever we give it on a regular basis, and I also think chemicals added to processed foods are very addictive. When I eat more simply I notice my thoughts about food also become more simple. I stop having weird food cravings based on emotions, or how something tastes. I eat when hungry, stop when full, and move on with my life.  

What do you guys think? Do you think eating more simply is beneficial?

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20 oct 2019

Interesting read for the 5 reasons you wanna

Simply. I just

Bought a bunch of vegetables and looking forward to eating for simple! Im currently 155 and I want to get down to 140. Cant wait to try your recipes!

Me gusta
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