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Creamy vegan marinara sauce over zucchini noodles 🍝

This recipe is perfect for the summer because it protects your skin from UV damage from the vitamin E in almond oil, and it is hydrating from the high water content of zucchini and tomatoes. Tomatoes and zucchini are also both in season right now. We will not be cooking with the almond oil. Like olive oil, it is best used cold, so we will drizzle it at the end. I really wanted to use almond oil for this recipe because it has some great health benefits, and I feel like it is really under used in cooking.

Ingredients 1-2 teaspoon of almond oil (unrefined cold pressed)

1 chopped onion

3 cloves (or more if you love) diced garlic 

1 lemon freshly squeezed juice

4  cups roughly chopped tomatoes

1 can coconut milk (organic full fat, no additives or sugar) 

Salt and pepper, to taste

Fresh basil or cilantro to garnish

Sauce In a medium pot add onion, garlic with a little water and cook, stirring, until the onions are translucent, about 3 minutes. Stir in lemon juice, then add tomatoes and coconut milk. Let it simmer for about 15 minutes. 

Zucchini Noodles You will first need to cut 2-3 zucchinis either using a spiralizer or a simple peeler can also work to make the noodle like shape.

You don't even need to cook the zucchini noodles. You can put the sauce over them raw, and it will heat them perfectly. *But if you want to cook them....

Saute the zucchini noodles on medium-low heat for 5 minutes. This is mainly just to warm, and soften them a little. Careful to not over cook them because they will quickly get too watery/mushy. 

Drizzle almond oil at the end and garnish with either fresh cilantro or basil 🌿.

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