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Gluten Free Dairy Free Portobello Mushroom Pizza 🍄🍕

These taste delicious but I admit they aren't exactly like pizza. After baking the mushrooms become quite moist so you must eat these with a knife and fork. They remind me of lasagna or eggplant parmesan. They are keto friendly too! 


portobello Mushrooms bell pepper diced

grape tomatoes

organic marinara sauce

vegan cheese of choice,  I used chao cheese creamy original flavor diced up in little pieces.... that isn't pineapple in the photo below 😅 it is the chao cheese. Chao tastes delicious but you may want to use a prettier looking vegan cheese

Broccoli cut into small bite sized pieces. 


Cut off the mushroom stem so you have more room to fill the mushroom with toppings. Spread your marinara sauce, then add all your toppings. Bake in the toaster over at 425 for 20 minuets. 

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