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My new intention for myself is to have the mindset that I want to eat healthy every single day of my life. No more cheat days.

I no longer want to have the mindset of "cheat days" or "strict days" because I think that mindset is self sabotaging. Even if I do really well for three months, the second I stop…so it has to be a forever lifestyle thing.

I may choose to eat vegan junk food sometimes but even on those days I will still be consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables like I always do. When I have an impossible burger, I will also be having that side of kale salad and my daily morning smoothie.

There is never a cheat day from being healthy.

My body is my temple, and I only get one shot.

What do you guys think? Do you think "cheat days" are an unhealthy mindset to have?

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