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Raw Vegan Sushi FAIL = Easy Seaweed Tacos! 😅🍣

I tried A LOT of times to get this down. Most people expect making sushi to be hard because of the rolling, or cutting the roll, but that wasn't hard for me at all. 

What was hard was actually eating my sushi 😆.

What kept giving me an issue was the nori wrap being too thick, and difficult to chew. 

I tried cutting the nori into a smaller piece so when I rolled it wouldn't be a double nori layer, which helped a little but still the nori seemed too chewy compared to what I expect sushi to be like.

I also tried a few different nori brands, and ran into the same issue. I did manage to figure out that raw nori is horrible to work with. It is WAY too thick. Toasted nori works much better, but even toasted nori was coming out too difficult to chew.

I'm curious if anyone else ran into this issue with the nori being too hard to chew when making homemade sushi? None of my cooking books mentioned this issue at all. 

***I did more research online and found out that the nori sold in grocery stores is usually Chinese nori and much thicker, and cheaper. Nori used in Japanese restaurants is Japanese nori, which is much more expensive, and a lot thinner. Another tip I learned is even if you buy toasted nori, it often becomes moist in packaging. So you must re-toast it yourself in a toaster oven to make it more edible. 

Anyways... I decided to give up on raw vegan sushi for now, and came up with something easier, but just as healthy and delicious.. Seaweed Tacos!! They taste delicious, and are still high raw, just the seaweed isn't raw.

Basically buy some of those roasted seaweed snacks from the grocery store and assemble with raw veggies. Then drizzle with coconut aminos mixed with a little wasabi.  This would be a great appetizer, or a fun recipe for kids- just leave out the wasabi. Do try to eat these fast after you put on the sauce, they will get soggy. 


1 small package roasted seaweed snacks any flavor. I used GimME organic.

1/2 avocado sliced into thin strips

1/2 cup shredded carrots

1/2 cucumber sliced into thin strips

Mix 1/4 cup Coconut aminos with 1tsp wasabi or spicy mustard for sauce drizzle, or just use soy sauce. But I think the sweetness of the coconut aminos gives a really nice flavor similar to the sweeter sushi rolls.  

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