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🍍Tropical Spicy Tacos & Raw Corn🌽

Happy Monday everyone! It's a heat wave today in the Bay Area. San Jose is supposed to reach highs of 88 degrees! Raw fruits are actually a better way to stay hydrated than drinking water because our body absorbs the water in fruits and veggies more efficiently. Ever chug water, and then immediately have to pee it all out? Yeah exactly. Plus raw fruits and veggies contain more than just water, they contain vitamins and minerals that can also help us during heat stress. 

These spicy tropical tacos are perfect for staying hydrated in this heat! Pair with some raw corn for the perfect hydrating dinner tonight so you don't have to turn on your stove. 


Romaine lettuce leafs





favorite fresh spicy salsa





After cutting all the ingredients into small pieces, put every ingredient on each lettuce leaf. Top with fresh salsa. I recommend adding a slice of avocado to each lettuce taco as well to make it more satisfying. I was out of avocado unfortunately. 

**Tip** When trying to enjoy a raw salad type of dish I always recommend you try to have a mix of salty or spicy, with sweet, and fat. If I don't have at least sweet flavor in my raw salad, I cannot eat it. For some people they need fat to enjoy raw salads. For others it's salt.  Try to get in touch with your taste buds to figure out what you need to make raw salads enjoyable for you😃. 

Raw Corn on the Cob🌽:

Yes you can eat corn raw! After you wash your corn, drizzle it with olive oil, lime juice, salt, pepper, paprika, cumin and any other spices you enjoy. Eat raw and enjoy! You can cut it off the husk and eat it as a salad if you prefer. 

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