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Vegan Toast with Veggies/Vegan on a Budget

I had this for dinner last night and breakfast today. Will probably have this for dinner again tonight since money is tight this week for groceries.

I used sourdough bread (always vegan) miyokos vegan cream cheese un-lox your dreams flavor. Veggies used were cucumber, bell pepper, carrots, and pickled jalapeno.

This would be even better with sprouts & avocado, but I have limited budget this week so really trying to not shop at all. Work with the ingredients you have. If you don't have vegan cream cheese, some olive oil on the bread would also work.

Now someone might look at this and think it's not healthy because of the bread But when you are trying to eat a high volume veggies, its really helpful to eat them in a wrap or sandwich, or with pasta etc. Eating meals like this help me stay on track for days I don't want a salad or can't afford one. Don't make your diet so strict that you can't enjoy your food or can't afford the healthy lifestyle. Do the best you can with what you have in your fridge & pantry. ❤️

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