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What I ate in Kauai Vegan

Kauai was filled with vegan eats. But one of my favorites was this simple veggie sandwich I had at the Fresh Bite Kauai Food Truck. It was on a brioche bun made from taro. It had lettuce tomato, carrots, cucumber, green onion, avocado and this homemade chipotle sauce that reminded me of the Bitchin' chipotle sauce. I definitely plan to recreate this at home on different bread. I loved how all the veggies on this sandwich were raw, making it a high raw meal. Often veggie sandwiches are filled with cooked veggies that are drenched in oil. The other thing I liked about this sandwich was that it wasn't Mediterranean! I love Mediterranean food, but it is so often the "only vegan" option I think I just get sick of everything I order always having hummus on it. Chipotle sauce with the taro brioche bun really made this simple sandwich uniquely flavored, and delicious.

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