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5min Pesto Zoodles 🍝 Raw Vegan

I love this recipe because it's fast, healthy, and looks like fancy pasta, but really it's just salad. When I was living at my parents...

🍍Tropical Spicy Tacos & Raw Corn🌽

Happy Monday everyone! It's a heat wave today in the Bay Area. San Jose is supposed to reach highs of 88 degrees! Raw fruits are actually...

Vegan Tacos 3 ways🚥

Just in time for Taco Tuesday tomorrow! I was inspired to make these by Malibu Farm's stoplight tacos where they give you 3 unique tacos...

Raw Vegan on the Go Wraps

Being healthy while being busy can be difficult. Even when you meal prep properly, many meal prep salad recipes can be difficult to eat...

Salad to Debloat Puffy Face

It's always fun when you wake up to a super bloated face staring back at you in the mirror. 😄 My diet was so horrible in the past there...

🌺Beautiful Skin Coconut Wrap Recipe

This wrap is sweet, simple, and all the ingredients are amazing for your skin. It is important to pay attention to our skin health...

Chocolate🍫 Acai Bowl 🍓

Acai bowls have a bad reputation of being unhealthy, and for good reason! The acai bowls you find at juice bars usually contain tons of...

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