Vegan & Raw Vegan Recipes


SWEET POTATO WEEK, Burrito Bowls 🌯

I think this recipe is a great example that eating clean and plant based, can still be incredibly satisfying if you incorporate starch...

Cauliflower Collard Wraps 🍂🌯

I'm so happy with how these collard wraps came out! They are non vegan approved, my boyfriend loved them. This is for sure going to...

20 Min One Pot Meal Prep 🍱🥦

Were you too busy to meal prep yesterday? This delicious meal prep only uses one pot, and takes 20 minuets to make! It's perfect for...

🌱Vegan Cheap Easy 20 min Meal Prep🍱

The only part of this recipe you need to cook is the mashed potatoes which takes about 15 min to boil. The star ingredients of this meal...

Baked Carrot Fries 🥕🍟

When I first went vegan last year I made roasted veggies every night after work. And when I say veggies I mean homemade fries... with...


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